Aloha Fashionistas, and welcome to the brand new, revamped

I’d like to be the first to officially welcome you all to our new home! Isn’t it adorable?! I’m so so SO excited that it’s up and running and the new Amanda Perna Versakinis have finally arrived! It’s no secret unspecifiedthat Amanda is basically a bathing suit genius.

So let’s get to it: We’ve got two brand new styles of tops and two new bottoms, in 14 fun and vibrant patterns. But as you already know, the possibilities are endless with these suits. There’s just so many ways to wear them, so get creative, girls! They’re also stylish, I can’t pick just one!

Our new site comes with several new added features, like the bikini slider. You can mix and match your top and bottom options and view all the ways to wear each of them! Maybe an Orchid Floral Dot top and a Shadow Dot bottom? Whatever you’re feeling, you can make it happen. You can also check out our look book and see where all these new ‘kinis got their start.

This is only the beginning, fashionistas. We’ve got so much in store for you all. For now, get on your new Amanda Perna Versakinis, get to the beach, and soak up the sun like the goddesses you are. Take pics and don’t forget to tag me in your selfies!

Talk soon,



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