How Versakini Works

One Bikini… So Many Styles!

With a snap of a clip or a pull of a string, your top can be worn in several combinations. Halter top, bandeaux, criss-cross, rib-cross, you name it! Really want to mix? Disconnect your center clip and interchange your left and right pieces with others in the collection!

Choose from two tops styles, The Goddess or The Aurora then choose from two bottom styles, The Coco or The Luna.

Match your Mood. Find your Fashion.


One Versakini Top. Endless Possibilities!

Reversible & interchangeable Bandeaux, Halter, Criss-cross, and more! Mix for comfort, or create a fun fresh look!

Fun Tip! Simply disconnect the center clip for lots of additional styles to enjoy the ultimate mix and match experience. This top is truly limited only by your imagination! Be a Goddess!

The Aurora Top

Our innovative triangle top that allows you to interchange and reverse with a simple pull of a string! Easily disconnect the center clip (This separates the left and right top pieces). Pull the center string through the far side and flip your top around to interchange from left to right.
The Aurora top is detailed with a double neck string, which is super supportive so no worries about having a tiny string digging into the back of your neck! (Ouch!)

The Luna Bottom

This fun reversible cheeky bottom is an essential piece to add to your collection! Moderate coverage with the perfect fit, this is the fashionista’s favorite bottom. The front sides of our Luna have two open cut outs for a fun and flirty look!

The Coco Bottom

Our reversible Coco Bottoms are a universal, comfortable, curve hugging, hip slimming, booty boosting brief! This bottoms fits all shapes and sizes. With the thicker side straps, the elasticity allows a true, flattering fit that huge the waist and comfortably lays flat along your hip bones. The back of this brief bottom is of medium to full coverage. Our Coco brief is a perfect bottom for comfort, swim, or sport!

All Versakini’s are made from LYCRA TM materials. All prints are custom designed by Amanda Perna for Versakini.
Designed in the USA & made with love from Medellin, Colombia.